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“Ending the Adventure in Marikaban” – Beautiful Sunday

“Ending the Adventure in Marikaban” – Beautiful Sunday

My Share for #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108 All adventures come to an end but not before I share with you an unexpected encounter in this journey. During our boating tour, three locations were part of it. We went out snorkeling in Sombrero Island, we visited the caves […]

“The Lagoon of Marikaban” – Beautiful Sunday

“The Lagoon of Marikaban” – Beautiful Sunday

My Share for #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108 Hello again for another part of our adventure on the beautiful Island of Marikaban only here in the Philippines. We have seen the beautiful beach of Masasa, the highest peak Mag Asawang Bato and the enchanting coral reefs of Sombrero Island. […]

The Hidden Treasure of the Island “Sepoc Beach” – Beautiful Sunday

The Hidden Treasure of the Island “Sepoc Beach” – Beautiful Sunday

My Share for #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108

After that magical experience at Sombrero Island, we headed out next to Sepoc Beach. The beach is popular because of its caves located along its rocky shoreline. It seems that adventure and exploration on this island never ends. The places that we have visited so far are just a few of what this island has to offer. So come with me again today as we explore the caves on this amazing beach site.


The Hidden Treasure of the Island “Sepoc Beach”



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Just located on the northwestern part of the island is Sepoc Beach. One of the many beach resorts located on this island can only reached via boat unless you would like to go through the thick jungles of the island.

Coming from Sombrero island you will pass by this amazing rock formation which is just one of the many surrounding the island.

Still thinking about the fishes during our snorkeling  activity, our boatman said that our next stop is the caves. I have seen a couple of them along the way but didn’t realize that we could go inside the cave.

As we came closer to the shore we felt like explorers on uncharted land. Seeking for a fortune hidden away inside one of the caves. My imagination was disrupted  when I saw a lot of tourists and boats near the caves. I guess they might have taken all the treasure already.

When we arrived we overheard a group of tourists haggling with the boatman. One of them saying, ” 5 islands, please, we go to 5 islands”, the boatman was just scratching his head. I guess they were demanding more than what is included in the tour package. I’d understand if they paid more but I wouldn’t know what their agreement was. Anyway, I didn’t mean to snoop but their conversation was too loud as you could hear it even as the motor from the boat was running.

The water is very clear which is what I love so much about this island. The area is clean and I didn’t see any rubbish around. Places like these fascinate me as in my home town the beaches are filled with garbage and the water is not clear which is very sad. If they can do it here why can’t people back home do it? Maybe we should just move out here instead.

The color of the sand appears to look a bit golden yellow and there are a lot of rocks and pieces of coral on the shore. Since the area is rich with lush coral reefs, these might have been then ones that died through time and washed ashore.

On our way to the caves I saw two people taking photos along the rocks and I said to myself, ” maybe there aren’t too many people as I thought”. I slowly navigated myself towards the rocks. Carefully watching my every step as the rocks are slippery and taking a slip would be a tragedy. I would get all my gear wet and since my camera and lens are not weather-sealed  for sure it will be damaged by seawater.

When I reached the curve I was overwhelmed seeing, there they were explorers also searching for that imaginary treasure that I am looking for. Some have found them through selfies and posts on their social media platforms. I never really got into that selfie thing and striking poses on the camera. I prefer hiding behind the lens and looking for that perfect shot if it even exists.

Here we are the twin caves that everyone was talking about and to my surprise, it wasn’t big. I thought the cave coursed through the mountain but still, it looked amazing as I haven’t been to a lot of caves or caverns.

We again encountered the group that we saw earlier that were arguing with the boatman. This time we were waiting for them to finish taking photos and they were taking too long as if they didn’t care that someone else was waiting. One of them noticed that I was getting  impatient he said, “two minutes, two minutes we finish”. I just gave him a nod and a smile.

Finally it was our turn and we had the whole cave to ourselves.

Fortunately, there was was no one else waiting for their turn inside so we had more time to spare here. Patience is a virtue and rewards those who wait.

The sand here is white which is different from the shore. I don’t think that the cave gets drowned by the ocean during high tide as the walls are dry along with some parts of the sand inside. I think you could practically live inside this cave and build a decent fire to warm you up during cold nights. A fun idea but seriously it is not allowed.


Aside from this cave, there are two more on the other side of this rock. Since the rocks are slippery I didn’t attempt to see them. I really felt that I would slip even if I was careful and I wouldn’t risk getting my camera wet. Let’s just enjoy this cave that we claimed and head back.

Time to head back as we still have another place to go to and unfortunately we didn’t find any hidden treasure in the cave.

The trail is very rocky and you must always be careful when going to places like these. One slip and you could easily get hurt and could ruin the entire trip. I think aqua shoes is a must when exploring islands and coastal areas. I think it has a good grip when it comes to slippery rocks which is much better than the regular beach sandals that we wore.

Back on the beach, our boatman said that we should take more photos before we leave. It seems that he wasn’t in a rush to go to our next destination. Well, I often forget to take family photos of us during our trips and my wife hates me for it. I just tell her to always remind me as I always get too absorbed by the surroundings.


As we were getting ready to leave I realized that indeed there is a treasure not only in this place. A treasure can be found in every moment you spend with the people that you love.

The treasure may not be in the form of gold coins or precious gems but every adventure with the family is priceless. Exploring, having fun, learning things together is worth more than any hidden treasure. The smiles on their faces is rewarding and knowing that these memories will remain for the rest of our lives.

Time for us to go and head out to our next destination. Taking nothing from the beach but memories and photos to remind us of this beautiful experience.

Again I thank you for joining us on this episode. I hope you enjoyed the tour and if ever you plan to visit one day, do let me know as I can point you in the right direction.

Hope to see you again soon for our next adventure. Until then keep on exploring and find that treasure.


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Underwater Love “Sombrero Island” – Beautiful Sunday

Underwater Love “Sombrero Island” – Beautiful Sunday

My Share for #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108 Welcome back to our series of adventure in Marikaban island, Philippines. Here we only planned to visit Masasa Beach but instead, we discovered a lot of activities that you could do on the island.  After that tiring climb to the Mag […]

Kissing the Sky “Mag Asawang Bato” (Couple Rock) – Beautiful Sunday

Kissing the Sky “Mag Asawang Bato” (Couple Rock) – Beautiful Sunday

My Share for #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108 Last time we left off we were about to reach to top of the mountain. It was a very long and tiring hike to Mag Asawang Bato located in Marikaban island, Philippines. Everyone was very exhausted but complete the trek we […]

The Invasion of Crazies, Stars and Bunnies (Part 2) – Beautiful Sunday

The Invasion of Crazies, Stars and Bunnies (Part 2) – Beautiful Sunday

My Share for #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108

Welcome back to the second part of our holiday special. I have taken you on a trip to see one of the celebrations in our country during this season. A parade that showcases our culture and creativity of our students. A tradition that has been ongoing for years now, filled with music, cuteness, giant cartoon characters and Christmas lanterns. If you missed the first part, you could check the link The Invasion of Crazies, Stars and Bunnies. So come with me again to see the second part of this celebration and hope you enjoy.


The Invasion of Crazies, Stars and Bunnies (Part 2)

Coming up next on the parade are more of the younger students. In the form of a mini marching band with skillful kids as majorette and musicians.


Seeing these kids perform out here on the streets adds excitement to the crowd. With matching uniforms, I say the younger group is well coordinated and the parents and teachers did great in the preparations.

The little drummer boys also did a great performance in keeping the beat. Kids are never too young to learn an instrument or two which is a great way to develop talent. A thing that I regret, I should have learned how to play an instrument when I was younger.

I think the Xylophone is an instrument that expresses the Christmas sound very effectively. It is very hard to play this instrument while walking. As you could see two kids are pulling the instrument while the other two continue to play.

This group definitely had it call covered in terms of music and entertainment. Waving the flags in unison as the band played.

Following the marching band are more bunnies. An adorable costume complete with drawn-out whiskers but I think the costume would be too hot for the kids.


Here comes more bunnies on wooden pushcarts. The Santa hats kinda worn by these kids kinda reminds me of Santa’s little elves on parade.

In what I could see, a lot of cotton has been used in making the bunnies. They used to add lights and candles around two years ago. This was stopped as there was an incident back then when one of the bunnies burned because of a candle. The kid continued to pull the bunny as it was burning but no one was hurt of the incident.

After the bunnies, the group also had their Christmas lanterns to showcase.

I guess it is not too late for Halloween and Christmas at the same time as long as Santa is included.

Christmas lanterns made from recycled materials like empty soda bottles is a great way to express this season.

Now here is a Japanese cartoon character named Doraemon that I think has three entries from different groups. Normally there should be only one entry for each character but I’m not sure what happened. I guess kids here love Doraemon so much.

Now who wouldn’t recognize the Minions and if I am not mistaken this guy is Kevin.

I’m not updated anymore with a lot of the cartoons but I think this guy is from Adventure Time. My kids love the show and I get to see a couple of episodes while they take over the TV.

Parade wouldn’t be complete unless there is giant Santa Clause included in the march.

This yellow character I do not recognize anymore. An indication that I am getting old already, maybe I need to catch up on the shows.


Enter the next batch of performers and I think they can compete with the previous performers. Matching uniforms, complete instruments and flag bearers.


Used soda bottles are popular when creating Christmas lanterns. There are many ways to use them which is a great way to reduce plastic waste material.

So far these kids are the most adorable group I have seen in the parade. The bunnies look more like mouse but no matter, the kids shines out in this parade.

As for the best costume, this group is a winner for me. With the theme of Frosty, the Snow Man and carrying pink Christmas lanterns is a great combination. We do not have snow in our country and the majority have never even seen real snow. This does not prevent them from exploring a theme built on a snowman.

The parade has almost come to an end and this is the part where most of the characters comes in. Let me know if you could name all the characters as a lot of them I do not recognize.

I love the detail that they did on this character. From the flowers around it’s neck to the frog sitting on top of it’s head.


This character is Jollibee who is the mascot of the most popular fast food chain in the country. Outsells all other fast food chains and even McDonalds cannot beat Jollibee when it comes to sales. The fast food chain has even branched out to other parts of the globe in Asia, Middle East, Europe and North America.

The winner for the 7th -8th-grade division is non-other but Woody from Toy Story. The first-place winner of another division is Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy which you could see from the first part of our holiday special. My favorite is Thanos that made it to second place. Anyways everyone did a very good job to make the parade very successful and people had a very great time.

This concludes our holiday special and I hope you enjoyed the piece of our culture. Our countries celebrate Christmas and the Holidays in different ways but the spirit is all the same. The spirit of spreading Joy, Peace, Love and Hope to everyone. As I close this post may you all have a very joyful holiday and a Blessed New Year ahead!

Thank you for joining me and keep on Steemin.


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Road to the Ruins – Beautiful Sunday

Road to the Ruins – Beautiful Sunday

My Share for #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108 Hello again for another part of our adventure here in Bicol Philippines. After our side trip from the monastery, we continued on to our journey to or main destination. We are headed out to see the ruins in Daraga Albay which […]

An Unexpected 5 Star Awakening – Beautiful Sunday

An Unexpected 5 Star Awakening – Beautiful Sunday

My Share for #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108 There are times in our lives that we get unexpected surprises. Sometimes life offers surprises even in the middle of the night. This is the case for us when we received a call when all the people are still sleeping soundly. […]

The Eternal Flame of Freedom – Beautiful Sunday

The Eternal Flame of Freedom – Beautiful Sunday

My Share for #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108

After that quiet tour inside the museum, it is time to explore the outside area of the Pacific War Memorial. It has been an incredible trip and our journey has almost reached its end. I still recall the moment I stepped on the island I never expected that I would be learning a lot about our history. Corregidor Island in the Philippines is a historically rich island embraced by the beauty of nature. Come with me today as we see the flame that will forever burn in the heart of Corregidor.


The Eternal Flame of Freedom

Read back to follow our adventure on the island.

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Part 4 The Last Stand of Battery Way

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Part 6 The Haunted Hospital of Corregidor

Part 7 The Mile Long Barracks

Part 8 Pacific War Memorial Museum

Part 9 Pacific War Memorial Museum “Weapons of War”

At the center of the entrance to the memorial, you will see a dramatic statue. The statue is entitled, “Brothers in Arms” which was funded by the United States government and erected in 1968.

The scene is very moving where a badly wounded soldier is carried along by a comrade. Based on the facial features of the statue I think that the wounded soldier is  a Filipino. A symbolism of our wounded country and helped by the United States during this tragic war. The bond of the soldiers here has made them into brothers.

In the background, you would see the two flags of the two nations flying high above the memorial.

Underneath the statue is a poem by an unknown writer. Dedicated to the soldiers who gave their lives in the name of freedom and peace in the Pacific.

Beyond the statue will lead you to the dome which is one of major highlights of the memorial. Dedicated to the American and Philippine soldiers during the Pacific War.

There were also a few people headed to the dome during that time. The place is well maintained as you would notice how the bushes and plants are well trimmed.

Inside the dome is an altar right in the center of the structure. People were walking around, taking photos and I wanted to wait until the visitors moved along as I wanted to get a good shot. I noticed that there was light coming from above the dome. You could see that white light right now on the left part of the floor.

The dome is surrounded by a pool of water which gives it a peaceful ambiance. There are added benches around the dome just in case you would like to spend more time inside.

The light inside comes from an opening in the center of the dome and at 12 noon the light hits the altar below.

It was around 10:30 during this time and the light is just behind the altar. I would have wanted to wait and see how it would look like at 12:00 am, but we didn’t have much time to spare.

A very moving message for the resting soldiers is engraved on the altar. The altar is to commemorate the surrender of the soldiers on the island after an intense bombing for 72 days. It was around 12:00 noon when the surrender took place.

Beyond the dome will lead you the final highlight of the memorial area. From the distance, you could already see the steel structure that resembles a flame.

On the way to the steel flame, highlights of the campaign are engraved on marble tablets on the side. Each has their own chapter and stories in this war. I believe that other countries involved in this struggle has their own memorial sites in tribute for the loss in each battle.

At the end of that walk, a 40 feet steel structure called, “The Eternal Flame of Freedom”  was made by the American sculptor Aristides Demetrios. Made from Corten steel which is a type of steel alloy that does not require to be painted. The steel is resistant to corrosion and after several years of exposure to the elements, it give out a rust like appearance. Solar energy lights up the structure at night which will make sure that it always shines bright. The structure symbolizes freedom that will burn continuously for the next generations to come.

The message on the Eternal Flame of Freedom is a message to the world. Every person has the right to live in freedom, free from oppression and fear.

Thanks again for joining me in this walk that highlights the freedom that we enjoy. A memorial that reminds us that what we have today has been paid my lives of brave men who refused to do nothing against evil.

I hope you enjoyed the tour and please to do join me again next time for the final part of our Corregidor Island tour. Until then may you have a great week ahead.



Corten Steel

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The Mile Long Barracks – Beautiful Sunday

The Mile Long Barracks – Beautiful Sunday

My Share for #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108 After exploring the ruins of the hospital it was time for us to move on to our next destination. Our experience at the hospital was spooky at at some parts, but turned out to be quite an experience. Our next destination […]