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“Ending the Adventure in Marikaban” – Beautiful Sunday

“Ending the Adventure in Marikaban” – Beautiful Sunday

My Share for #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108 All adventures come to an end but not before I share with you an unexpected encounter in this journey. During our boating tour, three locations were part of it. We went out snorkeling in Sombrero Island, we visited the caves […]

“The Lagoon of Marikaban” – Beautiful Sunday

“The Lagoon of Marikaban” – Beautiful Sunday

My Share for #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108 Hello again for another part of our adventure on the beautiful Island of Marikaban only here in the Philippines. We have seen the beautiful beach of Masasa, the highest peak Mag Asawang Bato and the enchanting coral reefs of Sombrero Island. […]

The Hidden Treasure of the Island “Sepoc Beach” – Beautiful Sunday

The Hidden Treasure of the Island “Sepoc Beach” – Beautiful Sunday

My Share for #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108

After that magical experience at Sombrero Island, we headed out next to Sepoc Beach. The beach is popular because of its caves located along its rocky shoreline. It seems that adventure and exploration on this island never ends. The places that we have visited so far are just a few of what this island has to offer. So come with me again today as we explore the caves on this amazing beach site.


The Hidden Treasure of the Island “Sepoc Beach”



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Just located on the northwestern part of the island is Sepoc Beach. One of the many beach resorts located on this island can only reached via boat unless you would like to go through the thick jungles of the island.

Coming from Sombrero island you will pass by this amazing rock formation which is just one of the many surrounding the island.

Still thinking about the fishes during our snorkeling  activity, our boatman said that our next stop is the caves. I have seen a couple of them along the way but didn’t realize that we could go inside the cave.

As we came closer to the shore we felt like explorers on uncharted land. Seeking for a fortune hidden away inside one of the caves. My imagination was disrupted  when I saw a lot of tourists and boats near the caves. I guess they might have taken all the treasure already.

When we arrived we overheard a group of tourists haggling with the boatman. One of them saying, ” 5 islands, please, we go to 5 islands”, the boatman was just scratching his head. I guess they were demanding more than what is included in the tour package. I’d understand if they paid more but I wouldn’t know what their agreement was. Anyway, I didn’t mean to snoop but their conversation was too loud as you could hear it even as the motor from the boat was running.

The water is very clear which is what I love so much about this island. The area is clean and I didn’t see any rubbish around. Places like these fascinate me as in my home town the beaches are filled with garbage and the water is not clear which is very sad. If they can do it here why can’t people back home do it? Maybe we should just move out here instead.

The color of the sand appears to look a bit golden yellow and there are a lot of rocks and pieces of coral on the shore. Since the area is rich with lush coral reefs, these might have been then ones that died through time and washed ashore.

On our way to the caves I saw two people taking photos along the rocks and I said to myself, ” maybe there aren’t too many people as I thought”. I slowly navigated myself towards the rocks. Carefully watching my every step as the rocks are slippery and taking a slip would be a tragedy. I would get all my gear wet and since my camera and lens are not weather-sealed  for sure it will be damaged by seawater.

When I reached the curve I was overwhelmed seeing, there they were explorers also searching for that imaginary treasure that I am looking for. Some have found them through selfies and posts on their social media platforms. I never really got into that selfie thing and striking poses on the camera. I prefer hiding behind the lens and looking for that perfect shot if it even exists.

Here we are the twin caves that everyone was talking about and to my surprise, it wasn’t big. I thought the cave coursed through the mountain but still, it looked amazing as I haven’t been to a lot of caves or caverns.

We again encountered the group that we saw earlier that were arguing with the boatman. This time we were waiting for them to finish taking photos and they were taking too long as if they didn’t care that someone else was waiting. One of them noticed that I was getting  impatient he said, “two minutes, two minutes we finish”. I just gave him a nod and a smile.

Finally it was our turn and we had the whole cave to ourselves.

Fortunately, there was was no one else waiting for their turn inside so we had more time to spare here. Patience is a virtue and rewards those who wait.

The sand here is white which is different from the shore. I don’t think that the cave gets drowned by the ocean during high tide as the walls are dry along with some parts of the sand inside. I think you could practically live inside this cave and build a decent fire to warm you up during cold nights. A fun idea but seriously it is not allowed.


Aside from this cave, there are two more on the other side of this rock. Since the rocks are slippery I didn’t attempt to see them. I really felt that I would slip even if I was careful and I wouldn’t risk getting my camera wet. Let’s just enjoy this cave that we claimed and head back.

Time to head back as we still have another place to go to and unfortunately we didn’t find any hidden treasure in the cave.

The trail is very rocky and you must always be careful when going to places like these. One slip and you could easily get hurt and could ruin the entire trip. I think aqua shoes is a must when exploring islands and coastal areas. I think it has a good grip when it comes to slippery rocks which is much better than the regular beach sandals that we wore.

Back on the beach, our boatman said that we should take more photos before we leave. It seems that he wasn’t in a rush to go to our next destination. Well, I often forget to take family photos of us during our trips and my wife hates me for it. I just tell her to always remind me as I always get too absorbed by the surroundings.


As we were getting ready to leave I realized that indeed there is a treasure not only in this place. A treasure can be found in every moment you spend with the people that you love.

The treasure may not be in the form of gold coins or precious gems but every adventure with the family is priceless. Exploring, having fun, learning things together is worth more than any hidden treasure. The smiles on their faces is rewarding and knowing that these memories will remain for the rest of our lives.

Time for us to go and head out to our next destination. Taking nothing from the beach but memories and photos to remind us of this beautiful experience.

Again I thank you for joining us on this episode. I hope you enjoyed the tour and if ever you plan to visit one day, do let me know as I can point you in the right direction.

Hope to see you again soon for our next adventure. Until then keep on exploring and find that treasure.


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Underwater Love “Sombrero Island” – Beautiful Sunday

Underwater Love “Sombrero Island” – Beautiful Sunday

My Share for #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108 Welcome back to our series of adventure in Marikaban island, Philippines. Here we only planned to visit Masasa Beach but instead, we discovered a lot of activities that you could do on the island.  After that tiring climb to the Mag […]

Kissing the Sky “Mag Asawang Bato” (Couple Rock) – Beautiful Sunday

Kissing the Sky “Mag Asawang Bato” (Couple Rock) – Beautiful Sunday

My Share for #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108 Last time we left off we were about to reach to top of the mountain. It was a very long and tiring hike to Mag Asawang Bato located in Marikaban island, Philippines. Everyone was very exhausted but complete the trek we […]

Masasa Beach – Beautiful Sunday

Masasa Beach – Beautiful Sunday

My Share for #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108

Welcome back to another episode of our adventure on the Island of Marikaban, Philippines. Last episode I took you on the road and traveled by ferry to reach the island. We have seen three ports, the journey was long but was well worth it. Today I will take you on a walk along the shoreline of Masasa Beach. So if you are ready for summer in January, get your wet suit on come along with me.

Masasa Beach

The island of Marikaban is a small island between mainland Batangas and the island of Mindoro. The island boasts of its coral reefs which is considered as one of the beautiful in the world.

There are a lot of options for accommodation on the island. One of the most popular places to stay is “Mama Nady”. You would need to call in for reservation in advance and we paid for a reservation fee of 500 pesos or $9.89 USD. You have an option to rent a room or a Philippine native hut during your stay on the island. The hut was more expensive so we chose the rent a room instead. The fee costs 400 pesos per head which is around $7.92 USD.


The location of our accommodation almost looks like a small village as there are a lot who rents out their property.

The frontage of Mama Nady’s rooms has three covered tables where you could enjoy breakfast while waiting for the gorgeous sunrise.

Here there are a lot of rocks on the shore but this is the main beach on the island. From here it would take you a 3-4 minute walk to reach the main shoreline of Masasa. Setting up tents is also allowed if you are on a tight budget or if you prefer sleeping outdoors.

Rocks and corals are piled up together in rows which I cannot confirm it was arranged naturally by the waves.

My daughter was wondering how she could swim here with all these rocks. I told here that is not the swimming area and we would need to take a little walk to go there. I pointed to her the beach area and she doesn’t seem to mind the short stroll to get there.

To give you an idea of how far our walk would be, the screenshot below will show you how far that walk is. The reason why the lodgings is away from the main beach is because the officials on the island does not allow building structures along the shoreline.


After a few minutes of walk, we reached the main beach and here you would be greeted by boatmen offering snorkeling tours. Buy it would be best to ask your host where you are staying at to arrange the tour for you instead.

Being on the beach felt like summer even though it still months away. I prefer visiting during offseason as the beaches are less crowded.

The sand here is not as white but the tortoise colored water here is crystal clear.

We dipped our feet to test the water and it is a bit cold during this season.

There are also vendors on the beach selling souvenirs like key chains and ref magnets. Buying souvenirs is a great way to remind you of the places that you visit.

Snorkeling is the most popular activity on the island. I have never tried snorkeling before and it is something I am looking forward on in our trip. As I have hear due to the diverse marine life the coral reefs here are one of the most stunning in the world. There is also a big chance to see a giant sea turtle as the coral reef here is where they hang out.

The island has a lot of hidden caves to explore and this is just one of them. Makes you imagine if some secret treasure is hidden within one of the caves.

Just outside the cave is a pile of dried up corals that washed on the shore. I am not sure what causes the death of corals but I have also seen sights like these on other beaches.

Walking further past the cave is a cemented trail that will take you to a village. It leads to Pirasan port which is where we were picked up by the boat. From here we decided to turn back, we were getting hungry as it was lunchtime already.

As I felt the gentle sea breeze brush my face. I knew that I could relax now and just leave all worries behind. I have always wanted to live near the ocean and I am very envious of the locals who reside here. Getting to hear the songs of the ocean and swimming in tortoise crystal clear water every day.

As we headed back my daughter was getting excited of the tour as I told her that we would be going island hopping and hiking to the highest point of the island. Although we would only be staying for two days, I wanted to make the most out of our adventure.


Let me just share with you a preview of our walk on the beach. I will be sharing with you a full edited video of our stroll very soon and I hope you watch out for it.

Thanks again for joining me today and do leave some comments if you enjoyed the episode today. If you love the sun, sea and sand just like me, let’s talk about it as I would love to hear from you. Hope to see you again next time and please watch out for the video that I would be uploading very soon in the next few days.

Until then rest well and enjoy the rest of the weekend.


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A Getaway to Marikaban Island – Beautiful Sunday

A Getaway to Marikaban Island – Beautiful Sunday

My Share for #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108 It has been an amazing year and as we face 2020 new opportunities, adventures and goals await us. During the holiday season, most people spent their holiday away from home. To start the year let me share with you our adventure […]

The Invasion of Crazies, Stars and Bunnies (Part 2) – Beautiful Sunday

The Invasion of Crazies, Stars and Bunnies (Part 2) – Beautiful Sunday

My Share for #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108 Welcome back to the second part of our holiday special. I have taken you on a trip to see one of the celebrations in our country during this season. A parade that showcases our culture and creativity of our students. A […]

The Invasion of Crazies, Stars and Bunnies – Beautiful Sunday

The Invasion of Crazies, Stars and Bunnies – Beautiful Sunday

My Share for #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108

It is the holiday season and vacation starts now. As Christmas is almost here let me share with you a part of the celebration near our area here in the Philippines. Today I will take you with me to see a parade that is held yearly in the Province of Cavite. In this time of the year an invasion occurs and in which they take over the busy streets of Cavite. Huge paper giants, stars come down from the skies and cute bunnies march down the main road. Yes, you read that right, “cute bunnies”. So talk a walk with me today and experience the parade.


The Invasion of Crazies, Stars and Bunnies

Everyone patiently waits as the paper giants come out of the local gymnasium. The gymnasium is where they are all kept until today when they are all unleashed to gather at the starting point of the parade.


The place is crowded already and the parade hasn’t started yet. Similar to a fantasy world where villagers gather near the mouth of a cave waiting for the giants to appear.

One by one they slowly come out and cheers from the children are heard as they see their favorite characters. These giant paper figures are called Bangenge which when translated in english means crazy, insane or abnormal. As our local tradition goes during the Christmas season, these figures come out caroling at night along with children. Children sing Christmas carols going house to house armed with homemade drums. As the children sing and beat their drums the Bangenge dances along with the beat of their drums.

After three to four songs they will wait in front of your gate until you give them a couple of coins. Let’s say it somehow like trick or treating but with coins instead. The majority of the children here in our country have experienced Christmas caroling at least once and I had my share of this experience when I was a child.

As far as I can remember the Bangenge that we used was an old cardboard box. We used a discarded ice cream bucket as a head and formed it to look like a robot. We took turns wearing the box and danced like crazy while wearing it. Today the Bangenge takes a lot of effort to craft, choosing popular characters for a chance to be crowd favorites.

There is something for everyone and if you are a Star Wars fan I’m pretty sure you know this guy. It would take a lot of Force to carry this alone.

The parade hasn’t started yet and these guys are just on their way to the starting point in the main road of the city.


Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy doesn’t looks so baby now. It would look great if they used branches and vines in crafting the character but I guess there is a rule that only paper material can be used.

I followed the marching giants and finally reached the starting point. As expected the place was very crowded already.

People patiently waited for the parade to begin and you could see people from all ages excited for the event.

Vendors grabs the opportunity of this event as there are a lot of kids outside the streets.

As more people flock to the site, the starting line of the parade gets longer and longer. The line for the Bangenge is segregated and goes around the block as there are a lot of participants this year.

With a marching band leading the way the parade is about to start.

As the music from the band played, traffic is routed and the march finally begins. The march would take around 2 km which will end at the local park of the city.

It was like there was a fiesta going on as the parade has almost everything that you could expect. Every marching band here has majorettes leading the way, waving banners or whirling a baton.


Here comes the angels who has flown down to join the parade.

The nativity scene seems to be a new addition to the parade. In the previous years, I never recall it being a part of the march but it is a good addition promoting the Christmas spirit.

Everyone involved in the parade are students from schools all over the city and each group chooses a theme for their group.

A rowdy group of students were playfully dancing their Bangenge. It it is pretty hard not to get some tears on their character as some of the kids get carried away from having too much fun.

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Well you know how the song goes.

The majority of the Bangenge are based on popular cartoon characters or movies. As I have seen in the previous years there is no character that the students could not make, from giant robots to political character.





Now enters the Kuneho which is our local name for the rabbit. These are made by the younger students and is often pulled or pushed on cart.

These are grade 2 students proudly pushing their cute creation and of course, their moms are always there for support.

I guess one of the requirements is to wear bunny ears.

This looks like a bunny version of Elsa from the Disney animated movie Frozen.

This is a fun and colorful parade and kids are having fun in this event. Back in my days we didn’t have any events like these, but I would be hesitant about wearing those ears though.

The bunnies are a great way to express the creativity of the younger students. Though I do not know exactly how the bunny parade started or who thought about it. Anyway, it is an enjoyable part of the roster.

Stars have come down from the sky in the form of lanterns carried by children. These are Christmas lanterns which we locally call “Parol”. It is a popular symbolism of Christmas in our country. Back then almost all houses had one hanging from their houses. Today I don’t see much of them from houses except for colorful Christmas lights.

The colors are assigned to different schools and it is beautiful seeing all these stars marching along the streets. Each star carried by a child is like a hope for the future of our nation.


This ends the first part of the parade and I hope you join me again for the next part of this event. See more of the fantastic creations of these students as they continue with their conquest to conquer the fascination of the city. Hope you enjoyed this part and I’d love to see you again. Do leave some comments and let me know what is your favorite.

Until then hold on tight as Christmas is almost here. Don’t blink as you just might miss it.


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Take Me to Church “Daraga Church” – Beautiful Sunday

Take Me to Church “Daraga Church” – Beautiful Sunday

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