An Unexpected 5 Star Awakening – Beautiful Sunday

An Unexpected 5 Star Awakening – Beautiful Sunday

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There are times in our lives that we get unexpected surprises. Sometimes life offers surprises even in the middle of the night. This is the case for us when we received a call when all the people are still sleeping soundly. Let me tell you about our story and an experience that we will never forget. Join me today as I take you on a wonderful stay at one of the 5 star hotels in our country.


An Unexpected 5 Star Awakening

It was a quite evening and everyone was still in deep sleep. Suddenly my phone rang and I tried to ignore it hoping the caller would hang up. The phone kept ringing and I was getting aggravated. My wife answered my phone  I was still half asleep and I could hear her silently talking to the caller. I asked her who it was, but I fell asleep before she answered. My wife carefully whispered to my ear, “Wake up, wake up, my mom called as she wants us to come over to a hotel.” I said, “I’m still so sleepy it’s 1:00 in the morning just tell her that we can’t come over”. I fell asleep again, but she again whispered to my ear, “She said she is going to give you money and feed you whatever you want.” That got my attention and woke me up. Confused I asked my wife what is going on. My wife told me to just get up and get the kids ready, we are going to Okada Manila which is one of the most popular hotel and casino in the Philippines.

I dressed up and splashed my face with cold water to wake me up. I warmed up our old trusty van and on we drove into in the middle of the night. The road was empty at this time and we reached the hotel in less than an hour. Even at this time I could see that there are still a lot of people going to the casino. We found a parking spot easily and waited for the call of my mother in law. When she finally called she said to meet us in the lobby.

In rushing to go the hotel, I realized that I forgot to bring my camera. Well, anyone would if you are woken up in the middle of the night. Anyway, I’ll need to make use of what I have which is my camera phone that I rarely use. Upon entering the lobby you would be greeted by this grand entrance to the casino. Owned by a Japanese Billionaire, you could see that the theme of the place is like a Japanese palace. The dominant colors in the hotel are shades of purple as that is color or royalty in Japan. Just seeing the bright lights, majestic decorations and the sounds of the slot machines would definitely wake you up completely even at this early time.

The lobby was empty as most of the people are either asleep in their rooms or at the gaming floors.

If you have some craving for some sweet and freshly baked pastries. They have it here at 2:00 in the morning.

Here we met up with my mother in law and we waited as she booked our room. As you could see there are still people checking in, foreigners and locals alike. The hotel is gorgeous from the design of the carpet, the decorations on the walls and the hanging light fixtures that looks like flowers. Everything was beautifully designed to meet the Japanese royalty theme.

As my mother in law led us to our room she said that we are not staying at a regular room. It is unlike the previous hotel rooms that we stayed at. That room at the end of the hallway is the Executive Suite corner room. It is the room that we will be staying in.

Before we entered the room, I asked her how did she end up here. She looked at me and giggled a bit and said, ” I got a bit lucky at the casino and they offered me to stay for free at the Executive Suite as a gift from the casino.” She wanted to share the room with us and the kids. I knew it! The place is very expensive just to spend an overnight or I guess half a day since it was already around 2:00 am.

Once inside the room, I felt sleepy again and found my way to the king sized bed. I was looking to tone down the lights in the room and found out that the lighting controls are operated by this table. I activated the night mode and down came the lights came, toning it down to a dim ambiance.

Also everything is easily accessible in this tablet. The air conditioning controls, the television and ordering room service all at a touch of the table.

As the sun rose, I woke up energized and I do apologize for the messy bed.

Fully awake now I had a chance to explore the room.

Fresh orchids on the coffee table is a simple treat to brighten up your day.

From this room, you could see a view of the city that also has already awoken up.

I could say that this the most perfect view in the hotel. This is called “The Fountain” which is the main attraction of Okada. It is known to be the largest dancing fountain in the world and construction costs around $30 million USD. It is such a shame though that we didn’t get to see the fountain show, but still it is gorgeous view this morning.

The main bathroom is huge as in a whole big room just for the bathroom. Jacuzzi that is lighted up by a chandelier and toilets that are electronically operated. I know a lot of you have already had the experience, but for me this is the first.

The bathroom also has a walk in closet at the right side of the room.

I really think that closets should be always near the bathroom. Easy access to your clothes after  a good bath. I hope one day we could also have a setup like this at home which is very convenient.

Time to try out the Jacuzzi as not everyday we get a chance to just lazy out in  a bubbling tub of water. I like how they placed a single rose on the side as you do not know when you might need it. Biting on to that rose for a passionate, romantic Tango before taking for a dip. Well, I think my imagination is a bit excessive and I’ll be stopping there.

As we spent some time in the Jacuzzi it struck me. “What am I doing lazying out in a Jacuzzi in an expensive hotel room?” This is something that I didn’t expect, sleeping in my old bed and waking up in an expensive room in the morning. Well, I guess we’ll just enjoy the moment while it lasts and watch the beautiful cityscape while planes fly by.

After that dip, I checked the other parts of the room and found a massage room. There is a door that leads outside the room where the masseuse would also enter in case you wanted to book for a relaxing massage. Booking a masseuse can also be done at the touch of the tablet that we saw earlier.

I checked the dining area which also shows the cityscape. Right now the sun is getting high and would be a good idea to pull down the shades it it is too bright for you.

The dining table where you could have your dinner with the family in case you do not want to eat out. Maybe call in for room service if you feel like spending more time in the room.

In our case we just had some instant noodles and the fruits on the table for breakfast.

This place has everything and we could practically live here forever. It has its own separate living room.

It feels very comfortable almost feels like you are home except the place way, way much better than our old house. Still no matter how old it is where our heart it.

Still wondering around the living room and taking random shots of myself. You don’t always see mirrors on the ceiling all the time. I always think about the reason behind putting up mirrors up the ceiling. Well, I’ll just leave the imagination up to you.

Near the living room is another toilet also with a great view of the city. What a way to do your business don’t you think?

At the very far end of the room is an office which I really like. A nice place to do your work and I could imagine myself writing my blogs in such an environment with a comfortable chair and desk. Also with a full view of the city that could bring inspiration as you work.

This is the last room and I think I took you along with me in every corner of our hotel room. If ever you drop by the Philippines and would like to stay here I would leave their official link for details. To conclude, so far this is the best hotel room I have ever stayed at and definitely a world class 5 star hotel. Highly recommended if you are looking for a classy place to stay and maybe even try your luck at the casino. You don’t know when you will get lucky and be offered a free stay.

As for the cost of the Executive Suite

Room accommodation overnight stay for two is around 33,000 pesos which is about $640 USD.

Thanks for joining me in our stay at Okada Manila. I hope you enjoyed the stay and please do leave some comments as I would love to know what you think. What are you experiences in hotels?  Was it good or bad?

Until then see you again next time as we begin another series of our adventure in our country.



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