The Eternal Flame of Freedom – Beautiful Sunday

The Eternal Flame of Freedom – Beautiful Sunday

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After that quiet tour inside the museum, it is time to explore the outside area of the Pacific War Memorial. It has been an incredible trip and our journey has almost reached its end. I still recall the moment I stepped on the island I never expected that I would be learning a lot about our history. Corregidor Island in the Philippines is a historically rich island embraced by the beauty of nature. Come with me today as we see the flame that will forever burn in the heart of Corregidor.


The Eternal Flame of Freedom

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At the center of the entrance to the memorial, you will see a dramatic statue. The statue is entitled, “Brothers in Arms” which was funded by the United States government and erected in 1968.

The scene is very moving where a badly wounded soldier is carried along by a comrade. Based on the facial features of the statue I think that the wounded soldier is  a Filipino. A symbolism of our wounded country and helped by the United States during this tragic war. The bond of the soldiers here has made them into brothers.

In the background, you would see the two flags of the two nations flying high above the memorial.

Underneath the statue is a poem by an unknown writer. Dedicated to the soldiers who gave their lives in the name of freedom and peace in the Pacific.

Beyond the statue will lead you to the dome which is one of major highlights of the memorial. Dedicated to the American and Philippine soldiers during the Pacific War.

There were also a few people headed to the dome during that time. The place is well maintained as you would notice how the bushes and plants are well trimmed.

Inside the dome is an altar right in the center of the structure. People were walking around, taking photos and I wanted to wait until the visitors moved along as I wanted to get a good shot. I noticed that there was light coming from above the dome. You could see that white light right now on the left part of the floor.

The dome is surrounded by a pool of water which gives it a peaceful ambiance. There are added benches around the dome just in case you would like to spend more time inside.

The light inside comes from an opening in the center of the dome and at 12 noon the light hits the altar below.

It was around 10:30 during this time and the light is just behind the altar. I would have wanted to wait and see how it would look like at 12:00 am, but we didn’t have much time to spare.

A very moving message for the resting soldiers is engraved on the altar. The altar is to commemorate the surrender of the soldiers on the island after an intense bombing for 72 days. It was around 12:00 noon when the surrender took place.

Beyond the dome will lead you the final highlight of the memorial area. From the distance, you could already see the steel structure that resembles a flame.

On the way to the steel flame, highlights of the campaign are engraved on marble tablets on the side. Each has their own chapter and stories in this war. I believe that other countries involved in this struggle has their own memorial sites in tribute for the loss in each battle.

At the end of that walk, a 40 feet steel structure called, “The Eternal Flame of Freedom”  was made by the American sculptor Aristides Demetrios. Made from Corten steel which is a type of steel alloy that does not require to be painted. The steel is resistant to corrosion and after several years of exposure to the elements, it give out a rust like appearance. Solar energy lights up the structure at night which will make sure that it always shines bright. The structure symbolizes freedom that will burn continuously for the next generations to come.

The message on the Eternal Flame of Freedom is a message to the world. Every person has the right to live in freedom, free from oppression and fear.

Thanks again for joining me in this walk that highlights the freedom that we enjoy. A memorial that reminds us that what we have today has been paid my lives of brave men who refused to do nothing against evil.

I hope you enjoyed the tour and please to do join me again next time for the final part of our Corregidor Island tour. Until then may you have a great week ahead.



Corten Steel

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