The Haunted Hospital of Corregidor – Beautiful Sunday

The Haunted Hospital of Corregidor – Beautiful Sunday

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Aside from the rich WW2 history and the beauty of nature. Corregidor Island in the Philippines is also know as one of the most haunted places in the Philippines. Ever dare to visit a haunted hospital at night? Here if you go on a tour, night activities includes ghost hunting. Well, since we were on a budget we were our own. Armed only with a navigational app we headed out to find and visit the most talked about hospital on the island. Come with me today on a tour where others do not dare to go.

The Haunted Hospital of Corregidor

Previously I have shared some of the famous tourist spots on the island. If you would like to see and read more about Corregidor. Feel free to visit the earlier parts of our adventure.

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After my solo trip to Battery Hearn. I headed back to meet up with the family as our next stop was the Hospital. From our location, we checked the map and it was a bit mysterious as the road that suppose to lead to the hospital does not exist. We could only see trees and wild growth. It seems that there was something that was preventing us from finding the site.

Refusing to abandon our adventure, we back tracked a bit and found a trail. There were no signs or markings where the road leads to. My wife was a bit hesitant to proceed in following the trail and she said that maybe they closed it up.

Still we followed the quiet, mysterious trail knowing that end we would be seeing the hospital.

The road was too quiet which was kinda creepy. No insect sounds nor songs from the birds can be heard.

We came over this ruin which the kids though was the hospital. I said that it was too small and the photos that I saw online was very much bigger.

I do not know what this structure was, but from the looks of it may also have been bombed during the war.

No markings to identify the building unlike the other ruins that we saw which gave a little information. The walls and parts of the ceiling were all busted up.

As we walked a little further, the kids went running and shouted, “Wow we found it, it’s so huge!”

Surrounded by trees it fully came into view and it was like a scene from a horror movie.

Coincidentally, we came across another group with a tour guide. We asked the guide if it was safe to come inside and he said that it was already made safe for visitors. They also offer a ghost hunting tour at night for around 150 pesos per person which is around $3.00 USD. Well, I’m not sure if I would be up to, but I guess some thrill seekers would be jumping on the opportunity.

As for us, we prefer to just see it during the day time. We wouldn’t want to see something that we would regret. There are things that you wouldn’t want to wish for as you might just get it.

Before entering, I wanted to see each side of the building first and then plan where to start.

The right wing building  is already very big with a lot of rooms to explore. With the little time that we have left we will try to explore the most parts of the site, but it was hard to decide where to start.

The back part of the right wing looks very dark even in daylight so we decided to check the front part of the building instead.

Here we saw the stairs leading the left wing building and I said that we will start there first.

Built in 1912 the hospital is composed of four buildings and formed a shaped like a cross from above. The reason behind this is to be identified as a medical facility. Under the treaty of the Geneva Conventions medical facilities are to be spared during armed conflict. This is not the case for the Japanese, they still bombed the building even though it was identifiable as a hospital. Today it lies in ruins and gave birth of sightings of spirits in the area.

We were ready to come inside and as we came closer a lot of creatures came flying outside as if they are expecting us. At first, we thought they were bats, but was relieved to find out that they were birds.

My wife didn’t want to go in and said that she would just wait for us outside. Out hearts were beating a bit faster as we approached the building.

Surprisingly, it was clean inside and debris were all piled up in certain areas.

We found this wall covered in graffiti by soldiers who lived and stationed here.

Names, ranks, dates and where they are from were either carved or painted on the walls. I have noticed that some of the dates on the walls were during 1960’s and 70’s which got me thinking. These soldiers were not from WW2 which was puzzling and I had to find out why these soldiers were here during that time.



There were also messages left on the walls.  “No one is allowed to enter the room”, we do not know what room is being referred to or what was done in that room. All would remain a mystery.

There are dark rooms in corners and best to heed the warning.

More names of soldiers on the walls and we will never find out if they are still alive.

We left the room and moved to a different location. We wanted to see more of the writings of the soldier and maybe some could tell a story.

The kids explored a room close by and I told them to stay close. I do not want them wandering around without me.

I asked my daughter if she was scared, she said the place was kinda peaceful and quiet.

Maybe it would be a different story if we came here at night, but right now everything seems to be going fine.

My daughter asked if we could check what was on the second floor. Since the guide said it was safe and the structure is now stable. I guess we can proceed to the second floor. Talking about the guide that we encountered earlier. Where is the guide and the other group? I guess they already left and we are now on our own.

The planes may have bombed this part of the building due the damage of the floor.

Stories has been told of many sightings and paranormal activities in this building. Other tourists who visited  said that they heard sounds of people in pain. Other reports they heard sounds like activities in a busy hospital.

Ghostly footsteps are one of the most common things that people report. Here it is so quiet it would make you easily hear the slightest sound or footstep that may follow you.


They say that if you look for them they might just find their way to you. I kept telling myself that we are not looking for anything, but just simply visiting. We do not mean to disturb those who rest within these walls.

Other sightings includes headless ghosts and medical staff running around the rooms. I do not really believe in ghosts, but I wouldn’t want to encounter anything like that. I felt that we needed to leave this room and move on.

Each room that we visited is filled with writings of soldiers to leave their mark. This one seems to be decades ago, but still not during WW2. This island may have been used as a training ground by soldiers during this time.

Apart for the other writings on the wall, we found something very disturbing. I have learned that this place was also a site of a massacre.


This was called the Jabidah massacre.  The government claimed that the north eastern part of Sabah belonged to the Philippines. The code name Jabidah is composed of Muslim trainees, trained for jungle warefare who’s purpose is to reclaim the north eastern part of Sabah Malaysia. Initially they were informed that they are being trained to fight communists in the country. When they learned the truth of their true mission they refused to obey orders due to their religious connections to their muslim brothers in Sabah. The trainees were taken out and killed. The officers behind the massacre were never convicted.

Aside from the chilling ghost stories, this massacre I guess is more frightening.

On other parts, some soldiers claims to be the fastest gun like in the old west.

After seeing this part I felt it was time for us to go.

I called my daughter and said that we have seen everything that we need to. It was time for us to leave the hospital in peace.

Before we left I kept thinking what draw us to visit this site. Was it the stories of the sightings? I guess what we were looking for were stories and mysteries of people who lived within these walls. We weren’t out here for thrills, we were here to learn about and pay respects to those who perished.

As we climbed down the stairs, we felt relieved and thankful that there were no paranormal encounters of any kind. We were thankful that we got a chance to visit this site and experience another part of this beautiful island.

Thank you very much for joining us today and I hope you enjoyed the tour. Do join us again on our next adventure and please do leave some comments. Let me know if you had any paranormal encounters. Until then enjoy the rest of the weekend and keep the love alive.


Jabidah Massacre

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