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Exploring the Island of Corregidor – Beautiful Sunday

Exploring the Island of Corregidor – Beautiful Sunday

My Share for #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108 Welcome back to next chapter of our adventure in the beautiful Island of Corregidor in the Philippines. An island rich with history and blended together wit the beauty of nature. Last week I showed you how we ended up in this […]

Voyage to the Island of Corregidor  – Beautiful Sunday

Voyage to the Island of Corregidor – Beautiful Sunday

My Share for #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108 How would you like to embark on a journey with me to visit a historical island in the Philippines. An island filled with ruins and remnants from the past. If you love adventure then come on board and hitch a ride […]

Ready, Set, GO! “Tamiya” – Beautiful Sunday

Ready, Set, GO! “Tamiya” – Beautiful Sunday

My Share for #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108

There are times when interesting events are held at the mall. A car race is being held inside the mall. The crowd has flocked around the circuit. The tracks are set up and the cars are being tweaked to top condition. Join me today to witness the race of the mini 4WD.

Ready, Set, GO! “Tamiya”

People of all ages came to watch the race. A lot of them watched just out of curiosity. The Tamiya mini 4WD racer has been very popular during the 90’s era here in the Philippines. So popular they even had their own cartoon anime.

Tamiya corporation is a Japanese company that manufactured plastic model kits that ranges from cars to boats. During the 1960’s they created plastic models of battleships and tanks. They also manufactured a RC controlled model of the Porsche 934 which gained success. It was also documented that in order to fully understand the car. They dismantled a Porsche 911 and fully rebuilt it back again.

The Tamiya mini 4WD racer were first introduced in 1982. They came into boxes just like the ones below and you need to assemble the car. It has become very popular with hobbyists as the parts are upgradable. During the 90’s era each model had cool names. Names like Strato Vector, Magnum Saber, Cyclone Magnum, Black Stalker and Max Breaker. Because of the anime series as I recall the most popular model with the kids is the Magnum Saber.

Here you could see adults with their cars getting ready for the race.

The serious hobbyists even had bags that contained different parts for the vehicle.

Here is the actual model kit and their speed on the track can range from 14 to 65 km/h. It is also known that it can even reach the speed of 81 km/hr. If you would notice there are rollers on the back and front of the car. These serves as roller guides when they are released in the track. It doesn’t stop there every component of the car has an effect on the power and speed. The motor between the two wheels at the back which is powered by rechargeable AA batteries  . There are different types of motors available with names like Hyper Dash, Atomic Tuned and the most powerful Plasma Dash.

The motor itself does not ensure the win, but every component must be well balanced and tweaked. Too much power could send your car flying out of the course. The gears inside the car also plays a role when it comes to acceleration and torque.

Wheels are normally made out of plastic but is upgradeable to aluminum. The tires has four types which is made of rubber, sponge, reston or semi-pneumatic. What the hell is semi-pneumatic? I had to ask more about it and I was told that these tires has air pockets in the center. I guess it is the closest to the real vehicle tires.

As you could see, this is a serious game and not just a simple child’s toy anymore. With different tools and lubrication sprays this guy is meticulously replacing a motor.

This bag is like a car garage with cars tweaked and setup for every type of circuit for the race.

This racer has labeled his garage according to the motor installed each car.

Here are some of the racers getting ready for the next run. The track only has three lanes so only three racers can participate in each run. Although, there are tracks that has five lanes and the material for the track is made from plastic or wood.

The contest has been on going for hours now and winners are placed in this rack. They will be pitted against each other in the finals.

This hobby is not only for boys, but there are also female racers in the contest.

The cars are placed at the starting point and is let go at the signal.

I tried to boost up my shutter speed and try to capture the cars in motion. On the downside as you would notice there are a lot of noise in the photo and isn’t very sharp anymore.

Cars do fly off the tracks and here is one of them that has flown off. I believe that you are eliminated already once your car has gone off track, but still depends on the rules.

The tracks has some uphill sections that could easily send your car flying. With the proper tweak and parts, it could keep you on track of the course.

I took a little video in order to give you an idea how fast the mini 4WD racer can go.

One of the racers waiting for his car to pass by.

I tried to capture some of the cars in mid air flight, but it was quite difficult without sacrificing the quality.

Thanks for joining me today to witness race day at the mall. I hope you enjoyed the ride and if you are interested to get into the hobby. I have left the official page at the bottom.

Until then I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a very #beautifulsunday everyone.



Tamiya Corp

Tamiya Mini 4WD

Official page


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The Japanese Garden of Caliraya – Beautiful Sunday

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Field of Dreams – Beautiful Sunday

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