Walking on Sunshine – Beautiful Sunday

Walking on Sunshine – Beautiful Sunday

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Hello again and we are back to the amazing province of Laguna in the Philippines. In this series I will be sharing with you the highlights of our travel. Today I will take you to Liliw Laguna which is the Tsinelas (Flip Flops) capital of the country. Here you will find all sorts of foot wear at a very low price. If you love flip flops come and join me today as I take you around this town.

Walking on Sunshine

Liliw Laguna is popular for it’s cold spring resorts, heritage sites and for the footwear. Everyone loves flip flops and here it is called Tsinelas, with the comfort it brings it is a favorite footwear for the masses. Cheap and easy to wear it is best used when going to the market, the beach, and at home.

Liliw Laguna boasts of its thriving Tsinelas industry which are also exported around the globe. Here you could get a good deal if you are a re seller. Once the footwear reaches the stores across the country the prices are doubled.

The majority of the products caters to ladies as I did not see a lot of footwear for men. Although if you would ask the seller they have some stored away or point you to another store.

Prices here ranges from 50 pesos ($1.00 USD) to 700 pesos ($12.00 USD). The prices would depend on the design or materials used on the products.

Here are some of the slippers of men made from synthetic leather. There are some which are more expensive which are made from genuine leather.

There are so many options to choose from and would be really hard choose unless you know what you are looking for. If you are shopping with your wife you are sure to be waiting for a while. Make you sure you are ready to kill some time. Thru the years I have learned the art of waiting in situations like this.

In this particular block, stalls are everywhere you look and each stall has its own unique products. Unlike, the shops in the city where it is very crowded and hot. Here the place is very cool with the provincial air.

When it comes to ladies shoes I have no idea whatsoever, but for my wife and daughter it was like a candy store for them. They told me that the prices here are really cheap compared to prices in the city with a quality that is much better if not the same.

Some slippers are sold  three pieces for 100 pesos which is around $2.00 USD. For that price you could have three pairs. Talk about a bargain and if you are going into business you would get a good profit from it. If you are buying in bulks you could even haggle for a much lower price.

Here in our country the slippers is not only used as footwear. It is also a popular tool used to discipline kids. I recall when I was young slippers were used to get me back on the right track if I did something bad. In some countries, I know that spanking children are prohibited. But here in our country it is still an effective means for discipline. Although, it is a practice that I didn’t apply to raise my children. My children are growing up fine as far as I could see it.

This is one of the stalls that has so much products on display and they even have different sizes available for each of them.

Colorful designs and made from native materials it is really amazing how unique the products are. I believe these slippers are made from Abaca which are made from fibers of a banana tree. The fibers are very strong and is known to withstand  sea water.

Also, to mention Liliw celebrates a yearly Tsinelas festival during the last week of April. During the festival slippers are paraded, beauty contests are held, street parties and art exhibits are expected every year. I hope I could visit during this festival as the festival is next month already.

It would be really impossible to check out all the stores as there are a lot. I am not sure how my wife selected which store to buy from. Usually, most people go to the store that has a lot of people. I do not know maybe it is an indication that they have the best prices and products.

The business competition here looks tough, but surprisingly I saw some new stalls that just opened. It is an indication that business is booming and everyone is getting profit. Possibly, some of them already have re sellers in the cities and which is enough to keep their business going.

Another store that offers a price of 3 for 100 pesos ($2.00 USD). You can choose from any of the designs or colors in the pile.

Slippers on display on native hats is one way of displaying your products.

I went over to the end of the street and found some other stuff which are not footwear. Woven baskets in different colors is a nice bag to put in the slippers that you bought.

There are also some stores that sell native delicacies and sweet treats along with the shoes.

As I turned around the block, something caught my eye. Glistening under the sun are native vinegar sold in large plastic water bottles.

Infused with so much bird’s eye chili that it almost fills half of the bottle. How would you like to try this fiery hot vinegar? Can you handle the heat?

Time flies really fast if you are taking photos and I didn’t even notice the time. My wife was already calling me on my phone to tell me that they are done shopping. That ends our tour in the Tsinelas capital of the country in Liliw Laguna. I hope you had fun in this short tour and do let me know if you like any of the footwear.

I hope you join me again next time as we explore other parts of Liliw. Until then put on your slippers and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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