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Walking on Sunshine – Beautiful Sunday

Walking on Sunshine – Beautiful Sunday

My Share for #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108 Hello again and we are back to the amazing province of Laguna in the Philippines. In this series I will be sharing with you the highlights of our travel. Today I will take you to Liliw Laguna which is the Tsinelas […]

A Romantic Evening and Life by the Resort – Beautiful Sunday

A Romantic Evening and Life by the Resort – Beautiful Sunday

My Share for #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108 Hello again and welcome to the second part of our stay in “Villa Excellance”. Last week we went around on a tour around the resort when the sun was still up. It was very hot during the afternoon and figured that […]

Starting Summer “Villa Excellance” – Beautiful Sunday

Starting Summer “Villa Excellance” – Beautiful Sunday


My Share for #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108

The weather is getting a bit hotter each day which is a hint that summer is here. The best way to beat the heat is heading out to the beach or taking a dip in a pool. Let’s take a dip together in one of the popular resorts near our area. A beach resort that has been around for years which has evolved to give the visitors a relaxing and fun experience. Come with me today as we chill by the pool and to beat the summer heat.

Starting Summer “Villa Excellance”

A popular resort frequented by locals and out of towners located in Tanza Cavite, Philippines. Villa Exellance is a resort that is very affordable. We have visited this place a couple of times in the past years when they still did not have any existing pools. When the place had a new owner things has changed since our last visit. The place now includes four pools including a wave pool.

From the entrance the fresh breeze from the ocean gently brushes against your face. A whisper that tells you that it is time to relax and leave all thoughts behind.

Before you enter you need to pay the entrance at the reception. You could either just walk in or call in for reservation during the peak seasons.

Entrance Fee

Beach entrance

75 pesos or $1.43 USD (day swimming 8am to 5pm)

80 pesos or $1.52 USD (night swimming 6pm to 7am)

Beach and Wave Pool entrance 

250 pesos or $4.76 USD (day swimming 8am to 5pm)

290 pesos or $5.52 USD (night swimming 6pm to 7am)

You have an option to rent picnic tables, tents, huts, beach cottages and air conditioned rooms.

Regular picnic tables will cost you 500 to 700 pesos which is roughly around $10 – $13 USD

If you are planning to stay over night. Air conditioned rooms cost around 2,000 – 5,500 pesos or $38 – $100 USD.

The cheapest you could rent for an overnight is a native hut with no air conditioning with 1500 pesos or about $28.50 USD.

Some visitors just rent a picnic table and just bring tents with them for an overnight stay.

We had plans to stay overnight so we rented one of the air conditioned rooms. As my family were escorted to our room, I headed out to the beach instead. I had no plans to swim at the beach, but I just wanted to see the water. In this area, the water is not crystal clear unlike the beaches which is around 3 to 4 hours drive from here. If you are wondering how it looks like feel free to visit Exploring a Secret World.

A nice place to hang out, but I really wouldn’t want to swim here. The water is cloudy in the coastline near populated areas which is very common. I guess it is still safe to swim, but I prefer to just hang out near the water.

They are still continuing the improvements in the resort. I am picturing they would be adding some more tables here in this area.

Still a lot of vacant tables at this time, but as summer moves on a lot will be occupied each day.

Grills are placed outside each section of the rooms if you want to cook your own food. You could buy some charcoal to cook some barbecue which is always on the menu for beach goers.

Here is the room that we rented and everyone is getting settled in. An air conditioned room that has a native roof made from coconut palm leaves. A picnic table just outside the room is a perfect place to enjoy your meals and do the cook out.

Time to check out the swimming pools and the kids are already ahead of me. If the entrance you paid is for beach and pool. You would have a stamp on your wrist so they will allow you inside. If you only paid for the beach entrance you wouldn’t be able the experience their wave pool.

The pool area has four sections and the children’s area is the first pool you would see upon entrance. Unfortunately, this area is under maintenance clean up at this time.

There are more picnic tables and native cottages inside the pool area.

Pool side tables rentals cost 600 pesos or $11.42 USD. Seems like a lot of people are still not set for the summer mood. Soon it would be really hard to get a table during peak seasons.

I told my kids to get changed if they already want to go for a swim. They wanted to scout the area first and prefers to take a dip when the sun goes down. I guess they wouldn’t want to get a sunburn.

My aunts were enjoying just taking a walk around the area. My daughter escorting them along the way. They tire easily after a couple of steps, but it is good that there are a lot of vacant seats to take a rest.

Here is my lovely daughter and my two aunts. It was their first time to visit here and really loved how the place was very clean and well maintained.

Pine trees were strategically planted in parts of the pool area to give that natural feel to it. I really love resorts with a lot of trees it contrasts the tile covered pools. The feeling that you are in a pool, but surrounded with nature adds a relaxing vibe to it.

This pool has an elevated area and a lazy river goes around it. A small bridge connects it to another section with another pool.

The next pool is the smallest one and yet uniquely designed as it has a small platform connected by a bridge in the middle of the pool. Flowing water rushes on the sides of the bridge.

On the platform is planted a small palm tree and I think this is a perfect place to hang out with a margarita on hand.

I really love this section and I would love to have something similar to this design if we could have a pool. Also not much people goes to this quiet section. Later you would see where all the people are hanging out.

I think we will be spending a lot of time here later in this area once we go for a swim. But for now let’s check out the other areas of the resort.

Two water slides designed as a pirate ship is one of the attractions for those who love water slides. I am not much of a fan of water slides, but the kids would surely enjoy this slide.

Now for the biggest pool in the resort, designed like an artificial beach this is where all the people hang out.

There are also two jacuzzi like pools on both sides of the large pool area.

People flock to the wave pool area which is activated  for like 10- 15 minutes after every hour. A siren goes off which indicates that the wave pool is activated.

People enjoyed being tossed around by the artificial waves. I have to admit that it is quite enjoyable from my experience. If you close your eyes you could almost feel that you are out on the ocean.

Some just sit by the shore and relaxing while the waves roll over. I guess the only thing that is missing are artificial sand near the shore.

You may not enjoy the beach in this resort, but their pool made it worthwhile. I love how they turned the pool into an artificial beach experience. From the blue clear water to the palm trees that surround the pool. It is an experience that everyone would surely enjoy at a very affordable price.

Summer is definitely here and this resort is a great place to kick it off.

This only the first part of our stay in Villa Excellance. Would you like to know how the place looks like during a night swim? I could only tell you one thing…………. Magic. Thanks for joining me today on our trip to this resort. I wish you could also enjoy the cool breeze and cool water. Hope you join me again for the next part of our experience. Until then enjoy the rest of the weekend and beat the heat as summer is here.

Let me know what you think and let’s talk about fun in the sun. Cheers!

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