Final Stand of the Marching Bands – Beautiful Sunday

Final Stand of the Marching Bands – Beautiful Sunday

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Last Sunday I shared with you nine marching bands from different parts of the province. All showcasing their colorful costumes, music and talent. Their final destination is the market area where the stage is set for their final performance. Come again with me today as I share with you a few of the highlights of the exhibition performance of some of the marching bands.

Feel free to check part one if you missed it.

Invasion of the Marching Bands 

Final Stand of the Marching Bands


Bamboo poles were made into a makeshift barricade to hold back the crowd. More people were flocking to the main street in the market area, waiting patiently for the performance to start. The marching bands would need the entire street to perform. There were some cases in the past years where spectators were hit with batons and poles during the performance. It is a good thing now that barricades are set to avoid accidents.

Young and old all wait out in this hot afternoon to witness this much awaited yearly event. If you come in late it would be really hard to get a good spot. I was here early so I was able to get a good spot near the barricade. But as more people came in the place was getting crowded and was a bit hard to move.

Finally, the first group entered the arena with their white flags being waved around. The beat of the drums excited the crowd and enhanced the festive atmosphere.

The majorettes entered next and was positioning themselves along with the band.

The band members were also in line and as they arranged themselves while they kept on playing.

The popular field commander was busy giving instructions for everyone to position themselves.

When everyone was in place, there was a moment of silence and the air seems to have stood still. Then in a sudden burst the trumpet sounded and everyone was in motion.

Everyone was dancing and moving around. It was hard to decide where to focus as each had their own thing going on. The band also grooved as they played the music. The flags were being waved in sync with the music which was well coordinated.

Now there was a surprise performance and the Little Big Man changed costume. It seems that they also will be performing  a small drama to add uniqueness to their performance.

The story seems to be a love story with a tragic ending due to jealousy. As they danced a jealous suitor crept behind him and stabbed the Little Big Man.

As he was dying the band surrounded him and we were all clueless was about to take place next.

The theme of the music has changed and the marching band turned into a funeral band.

The marched around the crowd parading the fallen comrade. The performance of the mourning man was very  serious and it really felt like he was in grief. Some of the crowd found it very humorous, but I think he really did good.

The performance ended after they have gone thru all the spectators. As they exited, they received a loud applause from the crowd.

The first performance was very entertaining and the crowd was very pleased. All waiting in anticipation for the next performers. More and more people arrived and even the people in the nearby fast food chain came out to watch.

The next performers were the group that had a Scottish uniform theme. Their entrance was very commanding and well organized.

Each movement of the band was well synchronized and they were like an army ready for battle.

Again there was a brief moment of silence when everyone was in place. This adds to the drama of their performance.

Then the drums began to beat and the marching continued.

The trumpets played and the music became more upbeat getting ready for the entrance of the flag bearers.

Then their banners and colors were waved along with their graceful movements.

The sun was slowly going down, but the show will go on.

On the front part of the stage they unleashed the Wonder Women. Performing a dance number that drew cheers from the crowd. Here in our country dance numbers are very popular which can be seen in a lot of television noon time shows. Often on television shows the dance number is performed during the opening of the show. The Wonder Woman theme was a hit as a lot of people loved the movie.

As the performance ended the group received a warm applause and cheers from the crowd.

As the Wonder Women exited, the next group entered the arena. This group in my opinion had the best flag bearers as I loved their smiles and their movement was very graceful. They all had their hair set up in one style with colorful accessories.

Their band was also not short when it comes to performance. When they played each had their own form and position with a specific part of the music. There were part when they stood really still like a statue, but moves to a different pose on perfect timing with the beat of the drums.

Again I was caught by the performance of the flag bearers as the colorful flags was a sight to see.

As their performance was nearing the end. They also has a short drama which I was unable to capture as it moved really fast. The drama was about good vs evil, where a kid was kidnapped and rescued by a hero. The music that was used is a popular song about a super hero called “Mang Jose” by a local band called Parokya in Edgar.

The kid was rescued and the hero stands victorious on top of the fallen villain. It is quite entertaining to see drama being added which brings out a very enjoyable show.  It is like a complete package with music, dancing and melodrama. As the sun sets, I left the show entertained and  looking forward again for invasion of the marching bands next year.


Thanks you for joining me on the final part of the festivities in the city. I hope you enjoyed the show and please do leave some comments. Have you ever been a part of a marching band? Share us your experience as we would love to hear about it.

Until then have a good evening everyone as a new week is coming ahead. Keep the music playing and never stop believing.



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