A Splash of Mountain Water – Beautiful Sunday

A Splash of Mountain Water – Beautiful Sunday

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After going around the town of Paete in the Philippines. It was time to cool down and have a dip in one of the local resorts here in this town. Something that is not extravagant or luxurious to a lot of people but what is unique about the resorts here is the water. Fresh mountain mineral water that fill the pools is something that you would look forward to. Join me today as we relax and cool down in one of the resorts here in Laguna called RS resort.


A Splash of Mountain Water

Located at the National Highway of Kalayaan, Longos Laguna. It is around 5 minutes away from the town of Paete. A place that is frequented by the locals in the area. The name  RS Resort is painted in orange and it has a green gate on the outside. If ever you are passing by this highway it is something that you could dismiss and pass by. Nothing glamorous from the outside and you would expect nothing fancy would be waiting for you on the inside. But I have been here maybe a decade ago and as I recalled I did enjoy our visit to this place. During that time there was not much visitors around and the place was very quiet. Today let’s see how it looks like now and lets enjoy a cheap dip in the pool and some relaxation.

On the left side from the entrance you would be paying first before you could enter. They have a different fees for day and night swimming.

Day swimming

Adult 50 pesos ($.92)

Child 40 pesos  ($.74)

Night swimming

Adult 70 pesos ($1.29)

Child 60 pesos  ($1.11)

As per regulations you need to pay up even if you are not swimming and just will be eating.

From the entrance you can see that there are a lot of trees around and has enough parking spaces.

Some of the youngsters inside seeing my camera wanted to have their photo taken.

His friends even joined in for a quick photo. I love it when people interact with me whenever I go out to take photos.

The resort has four pools inside and all the pools have running fresh cool mountain mineral water. With the constant running water you are assured to be swimming in clean water all the time. No chlorine unlike the other pools in the city in which water is not replaced for days and even weeks. Here you are sure that you would be swimming in an all natural pool.

This is the first pool and here there are a lot of teenagers swimming. As we know teenagers could be noisy at times especially when playing in the pool. This is how kids enjoy themselves and we all have been there in a point of our lives.

The second pool on the lower section is for children which is only knee deep. As you notice the tank on the right side has moss growing on it due to the constant moisture. It would be a good idea to build something to hide the tank, maybe a decorative wall made from stones that could add a natural effect. In spite of that as you can see the water is crystal clear and is very clean.

My kid and my father in law wanted to sit this one out for now. But we on the other hand was very eager to cool down.

My daughter @bearkid was already in her swim wear without me noticing it.

I’m glad we still have our Canon Powershot D20 which is an under water point and shoot camera. This camera was the only camera we had since I joined Steemit. Little by little after more than a year I was able to upgrade and add some gear to my photography arsenal. Nothing expensive just a couple of lenses, tripod and the GX85.

Here are some of my old works using the Canon Powershot

Park Day

Saints in Glass

Scent of the Star Spice

Morning Walk Back Thru Time

My wife also cooling down already after a tiring walk around the town.

Here you are your one and only. In his natural habitat wearing a Captain America shirt with green and black board shorts.

This pool was getting crowded and we decided to check out the other pools.

The other pool was located at the back part of the resort. There were also two groups of people here mostly youngsters.

This is the main pool and hopefully it would be more less crowded.

It was less crowded in this pool and we decided to chill out here instead. There is also a small slide where you could enjoy being like a kid again.

There is a green net over the pool to keep the leaves from the big trees from falling into the water. This is a good way to lessen cleaning and maintenance.

The air here is cool and the water is very refreshing. Plants are everywhere that gives the place a touch of a natural look.

As expected, the water is crystal clear as the other pool. A lot of free space to swim around and you could find a quiet spot of your own.

The fourth pool is on the lower level and I recalled me and my wife spending some time here years ago.

Kids were getting mangoes from a tree just beside this pool.

We headed down to chill down in this small pool and the kids left the moment they saw us. We had the pool to ourselves.

Just relaxing and enjoying the cool water and it has been said that this water has a lot of mineral contents that contribute to health.

Swimming in clean water without any pollutants is a gift from nature in this wonderful town. I hope that clean water stays this way for the next generations to come. It is sad to say, but in a lot of urban areas here clean water is not readily accessible.

At the back part I saw this old  basketball court and figured to have a closer look.

The board is uneven but it would still be fun to shoot a few hoops.

If you are wanting to stay overnight. They also have air conditioned rooms for accomodation.

There are also regular rooms in which I didn’t ask for the price as we were not planning to spend overnight.

More places to explore in this place if you need a break from swimming.

I’m not sure what is that big round thing is hanging from the tree. It’s kinda reminds me of a parlor game called Pukpok Palayok in birthday parties, where you are blindfolded and spun around. You then have a stick to strike a clay pot hanging. The pot is filled with all sorts of candies, goodies, toys and even coins. If ever you hit the pot, an explosion of goodies will rain down and kids will go rushing to pick up the loot.

A rooster which is often used in cockfighting. A lot of people here raise game fowls as it is a big part of our culture.

It would be a better sight if they also had flowing water in this small pond. Clean it up, add some hanging lights at night at it would be perfect for a dinner date. I guess this place needs a renovation to attract more visitors.

I explored more and ended up discovering this small ware house of wood carved material. As I shared with you last week, Paete is the wood carving capital of our country. I didn’t expect the owner also was into the business of wood carving.

You can visit it here Chisels from the Town Near the Bay

A lot of these stuff are really old and you could see it from the dust that has accumulated.

Most of the paint on the carvings are starting to get worn out.

I saw a lot of these types of carving from town. Once dressed up and decorated, they look amazing displayed in churches.

I do not know the story behind this warehouse. It looks like that they are no longer operating as no trace of current works can be seen. No new carvings or tools lying around that could suggest that they are still in production.

Majority of these are religious statues and I could imagine how these sold pretty well back then. Now they are just waiting here, some covered in plastic and some are just disintegrating slowly thru time.

What could have happened in this part of their business? Are they still selling some of these stuff?

The works here are really good and if you love collecting religious statues, there are a lot here. I didn’t expect to see these in a resort.

I wanted to explore further, but inside was really dark and only the back part was lit by a small window.

I peeked inside and bumped up my ISO to capture what was inside.

The photos was getting grainy due to the higher ISO on my camera. From the naked eye you could only see darkness, but it gave me a view of what was inside this dark room. A lot of raw materials and mold for statues just lay around the place. I also had a weird feeling that something might be hiding in the dark.

More wood carvings and some a bit quite naughty or artistic. It depends on the person how you define it, but for me I always look at it as art.

Another section had Christmas decorations with the ever popular nativity scene.

It was an interesting find and sometimes it is really rewarding to just explore a place. Finding interesting stuff can come from places that you least expect. We had a good swim and got to relax a bit for a very cheap price. It is no five star resort on an exotic location, but little places like these are also fun to experience.

I hope you enjoyed the water and thanks for spending a little time with me today. It’s nothing fancy, but just a humble tour in a resort which is very cheap and yet has fantastic crystal clear mineral water.

I hope to hear from you and see you again soon. Feel free to visit my old posts from the beautiful town. Until then keep on loving and enjoying life.

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