A Resting Place at the Foot of a Mountain

A Resting Place at the Foot of a Mountain

Whenever we visit an unfamiliar town, we love to walk around and look for interesting subjects. Whatever or wherever it may be. Walking by the road in this provincial town, this old cemetery caught my attention. A cemetery below the mountain, a bit hesitant to enter but we went inside anyway. Join me today as I show you around this old cemetery in the Philippines and this time around we will go Monochrome.


A Resting Place at the Foot of a Mountain

Visiting cemeteries is something we do not usually do unless it is All Saints Day. There are some cemeteries in our country that are unsafe. Some are hiding places of dangerous people and it has been known to be a crime scene in some places. Although there are those that are guarded, but visiting at night is not advisable. Behind every cemetery there are always stories about things that creep in the night. Well, that is a part of our culture tales of the supernatural and superstition.


This cemetery is small compared to the city cemetery that we have in our city. My wife looked at me funny with a little worry when I told her that I wanted to check it out. Since there were houses and people outside the cemetery I figured that it should be safe to go in. But still it is best to always be extra aware of your surroundings. I told myself that if I felt that something was not right. We would be out of there in a flash.

In cemeteries that are always statues of angels around. With wings wide open, angels guard the entrance to this place.

This one seems to watch the motorists that pass by this cemetery. Watching all those vehicles with praying hands and will continue to watch the passers by as time passes by.

It was time to go inside the cemetery and my wife preferred to stay near the entrance. There are a few people inside and spending time with their deceased loved ones, with that I felt a little at ease. We saw this statue which is commonly found in most cemeteries. I could not tell if it is a depiction of a cherub without wings. Painted with white paint and seems to be fading thru the passing years. I told my wife that I would be real quick and just see what is inside.

As I started my stroll inside, this angel caught my eye. I looked for a way inside, there was a small gap that I could pass thru.

An angel than reminds me of the movie Interview with the Vampire, gothic and mysterious. As I was taking photos, there was an old man behind me. I was a bit startled as he gave me a weird look. He might be thinking what would a guy be doing in a cemetery taking photos. In my response, I gave him a smile, greeted him good afternoon and he went back on what he was doing. I realized that he was there cleaning up the grave of a loved one.

I took my final shots in that area and moved along.

The place is very narrow and I needed to find another way. I don’t want to pass by the narrow spaces between the graves. Who knows what could be crawling around, there might me snakes since we are in an area with a lot of wild growth around.

The style of the graves here in our country are similar in different parts of the country. Crowded together, some are just plainly cemented, some are improved with tiles and marbles.

There are those which are gated and has a large area. This is to prevent vandals from desecrating the grave site of their loved ones.

I went further inside and somehow I felt a little bit un easy. I checked back the trail where I came from and made sure I know where to go just in case I needed to leave quickly.

At this point I didn’t know anymore what I was doing here. I saw two tombs that has been abolished and I do not know the reason behind it.

As I further explored, I was getting a bit paranoid and kept checking if someone was hiding behind the graves. Maybe it’s because of all those horror movies that I watched.

This area is very quiet and reminded me the time when I was young. I do not believe in ghosts, but in our family some of my cousins and nieces had very hair raising encounters.  They said that have a third eye and was also passed down to their children. One story from my niece, he was going home around 10 pm and passed by an abandoned lot. As he walked he heard a sound “Psssst…….pssst”, here it is a sound that you make to get someone’s attention. As he looked at the abandoned lot he saw a headless figure. Immediately, he hurried back home and his brother told me that he was all pale and could not speak for a couple of minutes. After that he told us about what he saw in the abandoned lot. But that was not the end of it there were more encounters and that is just one of my nieces.

I went up an elevated area and checked how far this cemetery goes. I saw some steps and decided that would be my last stop and I would head back.

I go to the area where I wanted to go and here I was not alone. There were children playing around in this cemetery. There are two of them here standing on the grave and I hope you could spot them. No supernatural encounter here they are just children from the nearby houses. I am not looking for any encounters here just to be clear, I just wanted to take some photos of this old graveyard. But you know what they say, “If you are looking for something, it might just find you instead.”

There are things that thrive here and one of that is this tree that blossoms white flowers. I do not know what it is called but it balances the aura around this place.

A grave with no name, no indication who lies within this grave. When we die we would not want to be forgotten, but remembered how we lived and our final resting placed marked with who we were.

Graves that looks very old and only marked with names that are barely readable. A white cross that has a stain that looks like mud of some sort, maybe it was just kids playing around or someone else.

Another style of graves that we have here are those that are piled up on top of each other. I guess they would add another layer once the need arrives.

On the left side there were houses just right beside the cemetery. How would you like to live right next door to a graveyard?

It was time for me to go back as I know my wife is very anxious to leave. I’m glad that it turned out to be just a quiet and somehow different walk for me this time. Just another place that we visited in this town and probably a place that we would not go back to. But I’m glad I spent a few minutes here, mixed feelings, got to think about stuff and just did what I love doing, taking photos.

Thank you for spending a little time with me today and please let me know what you think.

If you want to read more about this town in Laguna, Philippines. You could visit some of the sites that we visited and I will be sharing more in the days to come.

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Thanks again and stay safe everyone.

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