Nostalgic Aroma “Dizon’s Bakery”

Nostalgic Aroma “Dizon’s Bakery”

Have you ever wondered how bread looks like from other countries? Well today I am going to share with you our local bread and other popular baked goods. There are a lot of bakeries in our city, but this bakery has stamped its name in our city. Come with me today as I share with you local baked goods from the Philippines.

Dizon’s Bakery

This bakeshop has been operating since the 1930’s. For decades now they have been selling fresh baked goods daily. They still cook the old fashioned way by Pugon or stone oven. I recall how my grandpa buys a certain type of bread here to match with some noodles. Most of the old establishments here has already closed down. It is disheartening to see establishments that has gone thru a lot, but just suddenly closes down. Old places has its charm that cannot be matched by new business. How they prepare their food echoes memories from the past. They often stick to the old ways with very little changes or upgrades. Unfortunately, today’s generation prefers new business with eye catching, chic designs and setup. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate different types of shops as long as the food tastes great. What I’m saying is, old places are gems that deserves to be supported. A part of history and heritage that should also be appreciated by the younger generations.

It’s afternoon and at this time some of the bread has been sold out already. We will go thru each of the baked goods and will do my best to give you details about each bread.

Starting from the loaf bread, we are all familiar with this bread used for sandwiches. Here some call it “Tasty bread” I’m not sure how it originated how they ended up calling it by that name.

This is called “Hopia” a small bread filled with mung beans or pork. There are a lot of varieties all over the country that was introduced to us by the Chinese.

The most popular breakfast companion in our country, “The Pandesal”. It is cheap and delicious and goes best with any meat or spreads. We used to operate a bakery and I know how to bake it. I was the baker every time our baker did not show up for work. It has been a while, but I think I can still bake the Pandesal. Made from flour, water, yeast and a little salt. The powdery stuff are made from old bread that has been pounded down. The dough is rolled on the powdered bread crumbs before baking. Running a bakery is very hard work and our story is a bit tragic, maybe I would share one day.

Another popular version is the Malunggay Pandesal. The bread is infused with Moringa leaves to add nutrition value. As malunggay is know to have a lot of medicinal properties, so why not have it for breakfast.

This bread I have know for a long time now as my grandpa always buys this bread. It is called the “Salakot”. Salakot is a traditional hat in our country and the bread somehow resembles the hat.

This is the “Ensaimada” which is another popular snack. Topped with butter and sugar it is a must taste if you visit our country. A good Ensaimada is soft and moist inside. There is a secret in obtaining this texture and I know that secret.

This is the Special version of the Ensaimada. The difference it is loaded with grated cheese on top and the more cheese the better.

Pudding is a well known dessert, but here this version is made from old bread mixed with milk, sugar and raisins. One way of re selling unsold goods is creating something new from it.

The Ube loaf is a bread with a filling of sweet purple yam. Some bakeries just use flour, sugar and add food coloring. But the authentic ones uses real purple yam and is more expensive.

Another loaf and this one is filled with sweet monggo beans or you may know as mung beans.

French bread, baguette they seemed to have explored with their own version.

This is another way of not wasting unsold bread. Turn it into butter toast by spreading butter and sugar on it. Bake it in the oven to get that crunchy texture and I’m sure everyone would love it.

This is called Apas but popularly know as Otap. It is like a local cookie and is know to go thru a lot of process to get it’s thin crispy texture.

I think this is another version of the butter toast cut into strips.

Freshly baked Empanada which is like a meat pie. This is stuffed with chicken and cheese. Other versions include vegetables and meat.

Now this is something I have not tasted before and we were told that is has been just pulled out of the oven. The Coconut Bun wrapped with Pandan leaves. We bought a couple and it was delicious. The sweet moist coconut inside completes this snack and you would be left asking for more. The Pandan leaves also adds a delicious aroma to this tasty treat.

Here is the cabinet with all the cookies that they sell. Choose your favorite! If we had a budget we would have tasted them all.

Oatmeal Rasin

Polvoron is actually a candy like treat made from flour and sugar. I am not sure how they made it into a cookie but I’m sure it tastes good.

Sampalok here is also known as the Tamarind. You may think that this treat is sour, but it is just a cookie that has the shape of the Tamarind. Don’t expect a sour tasting cookie.

Raisin Cookies that is in the shape of cubes.

Kenkoy is a comic character from the early 1900’s during the American occupation of our country. No one could tell me how they named this biscuit after the comic book character. It is something I would need to find out.

Made from egg white, flour and sugar it is one of my favorite local cookies. Called “Pacencia” it is a Spanish word that means Patience. When ever you are upset of something just grab a bag of this with a lot of Pacencia. I’m sure you’ll feel better.

Coconut Cookies

Peanut Cookies

That is it for the bread and cookies in this bakery. But this bakery has an additional surprise. Just near the entrance this spot is very popular that sells “Kesong Puti”. It is white cheese made from Carabao’s milk or water buffalo. My wife loves this cheese and for all of you cheese lovers out there it is something that you need to try.

Wrapped in banana leaves it is a special treat perfect with freshly baked Pandesal.

A unique cheese that originated from the provinces in our country. It is another perfect example of our culinary culture. Although it is only good for one day, but I’m sure it would not last as soon as you unwrap it.

Thank you for joining me today on our short trip to the bakery. Sharing our local baked goods has been pleasure for me. I hope establishments like these would hang around for a very long time.

Tell me what caught your eye and let me know what you think.

Until then have a pleasant morning or evening everyone.

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