Lunch at the Supermarket – Beautiful Sunday

Lunch at the Supermarket – Beautiful Sunday

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How would like to join me today to have lunch? Not in a restaurant nor a fast food chain. Today I would take you with me to the supermarket to enjoy delicious food with the family. Yes you heard me right, we are going to the supermarket which is a place for shopping. In this place you can have the food you bought cooked right in front of you.

Lunch at the Supermarket

The name of this place is AllDay Supermarket and we have been here a couple of times already. All the food that we ordered here was were delicious so I told my aunts about this place. They were so taken with story about the good food experience that we had, they asked us to take them here. The best part of it, our lunch here will be my aunt’s treat.

So we headed out to the supermarket to have lunch. My aunt also invited other relatives to join us. Since we would not fit in the car, we took public transportation and gone on ahead of them. I would have ordered already as cooking does take time, but I would like my aunt to see the menu first. Aside from the food that we already had in mind, I figured she may want to order something else.

While waiting for them to arrive, I took some photos around the area to share with you. This red truck is present at all branches of this supermarket. It gives that country feel that we don’t see often here.

From oranges, apples and lemons fresh fruits are sold here every day. Three pieces of apples cost around $1.06 and the oranges are about $.90 also for three pieces. The Fuji apples which is smaller you could by for $1.07 for six pieces. The lemons I was not able to get the price though.

If you want plants and flowers for the table they are available for sale. They even have different sorts of cactus in small plastic pots.

Alright enough of that for now my aunts has arrived and let’s go shopping for lunch. Let’s start with seafood and they do have a lot of options. What we had in mind is to order a lot of shrimp as we have been craving for shrimp.

Some fish are already packed and filleted with prices attached. Salmon is not native to our country so these probably has been imported.

This I was told is giant squid meat and just look at the size of that. It is best cooked as calamari and we ordered about a kilo.

Now these are what we are looking for and we have a couple of species of shrimp here. The Sugpo also know as prawns which is bigger and a kilo would cost you $18.00. The Suahe is the regular shrimp and is much cheaper. The big difference of the price is because of the taste. The Sugpo are much more tastier than the regular shrimp in my opinion.

They have salmon heads and this is best cooked in a traditional soup dish called the Sinigang. We bought two pieces and have is cooked Sinigang sa Miso, a sour soup with vegetables. The way they cook this dish here is absolutely delicious even the kids love it.

Other fish would be nice to be fried with sweet and sour sauce. I have something else on my mind though and want something I have not had in a while.

The live shrimp are the most expensive if you want them really fresh. Although we bought the Suahe shrimp around more than a kilo. I asked them to cook half of it Buttered Garlic and the other half Tempura. How would you like to have an aquarium like this at home? Fresh shrimp to satisfy your daily seafood craving.

Now this is what I am talking about fresh catfish. I have not eaten catfish in a while now. Fresh water fish are best grilled or fried. I asked them to have ours fried to perfection.

We also wanted to have some pork and just look at all the fresh meat here. I wanted to have Lechon Kawali which is a popular dish here made from deep fried pork belly. We ordered more than a kilo I guess it would be enough for everyone.

If you want pork chops, pork steak, pork belly they have it here just tell them how many kilos.

We are done with the meat and time to get some vegetables for our soup. I love the sign that they have there “Live to Eat” yes we do live and love to eat. The area is very well arranged, well lit, very clean and the set up really looks good.

Organic vegetables are available and a healthier choice. I have been seeing more organic vegetables lately even on our local market. What I’m really amazed is with the people who grows vegetables in their own gardens. I’d love to have a garden of my own someday, growing my own vegetables and no need to buy them.

Those yellow bell peppers and purple lettuce is not common in our local markets. It is quite fascinating seeing them here.

Pumpkins and when I was a child my grandma always told me to eat pumpkins to make my eyes clearer. I’m not sure if it really did maybe I did not eat enough pumpkins as my vision is not very good. Anyways eating vegetables is always good for you.

More fruits but we are not buying any today. I just loved the colors and the reflection makes you think that there are a lot on the shelf. Hmm green apples looks crunchy and tasty.

Time to have our food cooked and it is called “Paluto” our local word meaning to ask to cook. There are a lot of restaurants that offers the same service, there are those located near wet markets. Maybe we will visit those when time and funds allows.

The process:

  • Choose from the menu what dish you would like prepared
  • Select all the ingredients and pay at the counter
  • You would be given a number and just wait for your food

Cooking your food would take time and it is best to go around the supermarket while you wait. Here is our food and I was not able to track how much each ingredient costs as I did not pay for it.  There is also a small fee to have your food cooked. There are ten of us and the total was around 3,200 pesos or almost $61.00 is not bad for a meal for ten people.

The open kitchen where you could watch how your food is prepared. I like these open kitchens you would know how clean everything is. See what ingredients they put in and maybe try to replicate their recipe. The crew moves very fast as more people arrive during lunch time.

We did not go around much while waiting as we were not planning to buy anything. My son just got himself busy playing with his phone as all most youngsters do these days.

After almost an hour the first dish arrived and yes it does take a while for you order to arrive. The crew does inform the customers how long it would take. The dish that came in first was the Sinigang sa Miso the sour soup that I was talking about. My uncle orders another variant called Sinigang sa sampalok made from Tamarind. I love the Miso much better than the tamarind when it involves fish.

Next was the Tempura and I have to say that their recipe is really good. This dish did not last long as it was really good. The tempura sauce also tasted good and my wife said that we should have ordered around two kilos. Maybe next time we will order more shrimp.

The garlic buttered shrimp is a best seller here, and you would see that a lot of customers orders this dish.

Now for the fried catfish and as I said fried to perfection. That sauce is vinegar with chili and a little soy sauce always a perfect combination.

The fish tasted good due to its freshness but it was lacking something. The wild native ones caught in farms near rice plantations has a very unique taste. There is some sort of grassy taste to the wild ones because of their diet out it the wild makes it more tasty.

Finally the Lechon Kawali, the deep fried pork belly to have a crispy outside and a juicy inside. This is the first time we ordered this dish here and it was ok. I felt it was a bit bland and needed more salt, maybe because I have tried a lot of this dish from different places already. I would not say I am a Lechon Kawali expert, but this is just my own opinion. The flavor of a good Lechon Kawali should penetrate the white meat.

After more than a hour and a nice family conversation each dish has been consumed completely. We did have some left over rice and some soup left but everyone was very satisfied. Our manager for this free lunch is my aunt wearing blue who was very satisfied with the dishes. The kids I did not know where they have run off to, maybe looking for some desserts. Times like these are priceless spending time with the family, enjoying good food and conversation. Next time if ever we have extra funds it would be my treat. Until then thanks again to my very generous aunt in the #beautifulsunday

Thanks for joining me today and I hope you had a good time with me. Please do leave some comments and let me know what you think. Let’s talk about food and supermarkets. I’d love to hear from you.

Hope to see you again next time and have a good morning or evening everyone.


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