A Pink Church in a Plantation Resort

A Pink Church in a Plantation Resort

Some things are not what they appear to be. In this case a pink church in the plantation resort in Villa Escudero, Philippines. A resort that has a lot to offer, whether you are looking for a place to relax, chill down on a pool, eat good food, looking to visit a museum or experience Philippine culture. Come with me today as I take you to some of the places in Villa Escudero.

 A Pink Church in a Plantation Resort

Last time I took you with me to see one of the most unique restaurants in the world which is also located in this resort. If you missed it please feel free to have a look Waterfall Buffet. That was just one of the most unforgettable experience from this place. Today let me take you around the place and see more what the resort has to offer.

From the reception lobby you would see a map that shows all the places that would spark interest in your visit. The first stop recommended is the museum that houses a collection that would capture your fascination. Going around this 800 hectares property would take a lot of walking. To make it easier for the visitors they have an electric vehicle service to help you get around.

We waited for a few minutes and the service finally arrived. The electric vehicle design was made to look like the local Philippine Jeepney. If you would like to see more of the Jeepney, I did a post 8 months ago Twenty Cents Ride.


Our driver was very friendly and accommodating. The moment he saw us he gave us a warm smile and without hesitation he even assisted my elderly aunt to get on board. First stop he mentioned that we needed to see the museum. I love visiting museums and we actually visited a few from the past year.

National Museum of Natural History


The Tragedy of San Diego

An Enchanting Walk with Artists

Hearing about the museum got me very excited as I love learning about historical, religious and fascinating artifacts.

The driver took us to a church and got me a little confused. Clearly it is a church but the color is pink and from the churches that we visited never have I seen a pink church. The driver explained that this used to be the old church in the plantation but was converted into a museum. The I heard the words that I always dreaded to hear, “NO Photography is allowed inside the place.” My excitement dropped down to the lowest level and I felt I didn’t want to go inside anymore.

The museum houses rare and unique pieces collected by the family, locally and from around the world. Who would not want to see that. Anyway we pushed thru and I was dragging myself inside. You are suppose to deposit your camera and equipment at the entrance but the guy said that I can just keep it inside my bag. They were pretty strict when it comes to taking photos inside the museum. A lot of the museums that I visited allowed them and I kept thinking why would they not allow it.

As we entered inside, a large collection of religious artifacts were on display. Life sized figures of the 12 disciples and as I recall was the last supper. A grand retalbo which is the altar piece in the church Whispers of the Unnamed. I said to myself nothing really that I have not seen before. As we moved on there was an area with a butterfly collection from around the world. The collection were stored in glass drawers and it was a pretty large collection. Not being to take photos was building up the disappointment that I was feeling inside.

We moved to the next exhibit and they had a large collection of preserved animal specimens. A lot of the specimens were unique and had a back story. One that captured my attention was a leopard that used to be a part of a circus. It was shot dead when it killed a dancer during a performance. Now on display a reminder of the tragic event. I was very tempted to take out my camera a snap a couple to be able to share my experience. I fought the temptation because it felt right to respect their rules so I just kept the camera in my bag.

We went upstairs on the second floor and lo and behold. The collection was extra ordinary which cannot be found in the other museums which we visited. Japanese Samurai armors, swords, medieval armors and weapons, guns and artifacts from WW2, historical documents and even a shrunken head. The collection was unique as it was collected by the family from around the world. It was not just some donation the items were hand picked which makes it special.

I guess the reason why photography is not allowed is to spread its uniqueness by word of mouth. It adds a mystery behind it and they would make you want to see it in person. Not seeing a lot of photos in the web would entice you see for yourself what is inside the pink church of the plantation.

We left the museum without any photos, but with just memories of its artifacts. Just beside the museum is a residential area that is off limits to the visitors. Here I learned that they also offer residential  real estate. Here you could live in a quiet area in the plantation in case you are retiring.

Just in front of the gate a collection of remnants from the time of war. My mind kept telling me, “This family must have so much money and didn’t know where to put it.”

Having an antique tank in front of your yard is something everyone would want to have. Maybe not everyone.

A canon guarding the front lawn of the residential area.

They even had a plane and I think this one was donated by the Philippine Airforce and was not bought.

Imagine the time when it flew the skies during the time of war.

After seeing the museum you could again take a ride in one of the carabao carts but only if you are in a group. Instead you will be offered the electric vehicle service to take you where you want to go.

There are different sorts of statues all over the place to make the place more lively. But if you would be walking at night, I felt it was a bit creepy seeing some of the human statues all over the place.

This looks familiar and is my favorite of all the statues. A colorful whale that also serves as a slide for the kids.

Now let’s not forget about the pool area. We were so excite to take a dip and I forgot to take some photos. I just happened to snap these two photos. Talking about the pool, it had three sections one for the kids, one infinity pool and on the upper section a pool for adults that had Jacuzzis around the pool area. Only 18 years old and above are allowed in the upper pool area.

The river that flows to the restaurant area offers bamboo rafting which is inclusive in the tour. You could also go fishing and rent a fishing rod for a fee.

I would share more of our bamboo rafting experience soon.

Wonder off around the area and discover places that would look good in a photo shoot. Like this unfinished structure with pink flowers growing. A lot of interesting places to discover and you could only explore more of it by staying overnight. But for us it was just a day tour and we had to make the most of our time. I hate rushing taking photos, most of the time it doesn’t turn out good.

Hope you enjoyed the short tour of the place. If you would like to see what is inside the pink church come to Villa Escudero. Sounded like I’m an endorser but just a disclaimer, I am not paid in anyway by the resort but a free accommodation would be nice though. For a day tour price of 1,450 pesos or $27.22 experience culture, see the museum, the waterfall restaurant, bamboo rafting, enjoy the pool, a show about our culture and a carabao cart ride. Still think it’s not worth it?

If ever you are in the Philippines a definite must place to visit. Thanks for joining me today, and let me know what you think.

Have a pleasant morning or evening everyone.



Villa Escudero Plantaions and Resort

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