Trees of Stone – Colors of the Minerals

Trees of Stone – Colors of the Minerals


Buried for millions of years and exposed to ground water embedded with minerals creates petrified trees. Creating something magnificent like an artwork created by nature. These are some of the fossilized trees recovered from all over the world.


Colors of the Minerals


This is a continuation of my post from weeks ago Trees of Stone. As discussed petrified wood is created when a tree in buried under sediments and oxygen is cut off. Water underground infused with minerals bonds with the wood and after millions of years the organic matter is slowly replaced by stone. Details and shape are retained including very small details, tree rings, bark and even holes on the wood. Imagine a whole forest quickly covered with mud, lava or volcanic ash. These would result to petrified forest which can be found all over the world. The majority of the petrified wood on display comes from the United States. What makes it more amazing is the different colors that it produces. Depending on the minerals dissolved in the water it produces a different color.

This sample is from Nevada and the colors of red or orange. It indicates that iron oxides or manganese was present in the water solution that bonded with this tree.


One of the largest samples on display it boasts of colors of red, yellow, white and traces of black.

  • White color – Silica
  • Black color – Carbon
  • Yellow, Brown, Red – Iron Oxides



This sample is from Germany, Leipzig with black, brown and white traces. There were no descriptions on each sample to be specific with the minerals involved. With the distinct brown color it involves iron oxides.

Each sample is unique and once cut and polished it somehow resembles marble or granite.



This on display has a perfectly preserved bark which has turned white. You could see the tree rings clearly and the brown and yellow color which resulted from iron oxides.


The next specimen on display you could easily dismiss as stone at first glance. But if you would investigate closer you would notice some cell outlines from the polished area.



Each one has its own design and at the back of my mind, I keep thinking how good it would look if you have your floor decorated with these.


Another specimen from Arizona in which is a location of a petrified forest.


This creamy white sample has completely transformed the wood. No tree rings can be noticed as it has turned into a solid white crystal like mineral.


As you would notice most of them shows a white color on the exterior of the bark. Inside shows a different shade which suggests that iron oxides tends to seep deeper into the wood.


It would be more fascinating if each of the trees were identified but most of them are probably extinct already. It is amazing to think about the prehistoric animals that lived with these trees. Some may have even consumed the leaves of these trees.



A black center an indication of carbon solution.



Once polished it brings out the beauty and the colors of the minerals. It is also made into other materials like sinks, coffee table, chairs and house accents.




Thanks for joining me in this gallery of trees dating back from millions of years. Just one the wonders in our beautiful planet. A remnant from the past from a time when gigantic prehistoric trees grew. A land covered with lush forests which are now deserts and mountains. These remains to stir our imaginations and continue to fascinate our future generations.


Have a good evening Steemians.




Petrified Wood

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